PHRF of the Chesapeake Mid-Bay Championships at Screwpile in 2023

PHRF of the Chesapeake has joined with the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge Regatta to hold its PHRF Mid-Bay Championships at Screwpile this year.  In addition to three PHRF classes split into handicaps of  “under 50”, “50-109”, and “110-148” racing on the windward/leeward course, PHRF rated boat will be racing on a middle-distance course in classes of “PHRF Cruiser”, “PHRF Non-Spinnaker”, and “PHRF ‘C’ Class” (149 and higher rating).

The PHRF of the Chesapeake Class has joined Screwpile as a Platinum sponsor for 2023.

Boats racing
in PHRF Classes will be competing for Screwpile daily and overall awards as
well PHRF Mid-Bay Championship awards.

Current Chairman of the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge Regatta