PHRF of the Chesapeake Championships Series Hosted Again at Screwpile in 2024

For the second year, PHRF of the Chesapeake has joined with the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge Regatta to hold its PHRF Northern-Bay Championships at Screwpile. In addition to four PHRF classes racing on the windward/leeward course, non-spin PHRF rated boats will be racing on he CRCA middle-distance course with dual scoring for PHRF-rated boats.

Boats racing in PHRF Classes will be competing for Screwpile daily and overall awards as well as PHRF Northern-Bay Championship overall awards.

Fishing Bay Yacht Club will host the Mid-Bay PHRF Championships at their Stingray Point Regatta on Labor Day weekend, and Hampton Yacht Club will host the Southern-Bay PHRF Championships at Southern Bay Race Week just after Memorial Day.

PHRF of the Chesapeake is a Platinum sponsor for Screwpile 2024.

Current Chairman of the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge Regatta