Congratulations to Bruce Gardner of L’outrage, winner of the “Arabesque Award,” in honor or the late Herb Reese.  There were so many times we missed him.  He would have been proud of how we did without him.  “Donny, we fooled ’em again!”

Overall Winner: “Incommunicado

PHRF-B class was the most competitive this year.  This boat won their class with two firsts, two seconds, and a fourth.   “Incommunicado” is a First-Time Overall winner! Congratulations to owners Tracey and Polk from Severna Park, Maryland!

Patriot Cup Winner: “Natrual Disaster”
Congratulations to this PHRF-B Boat for being the best overall boat with two or more veterans or active duty military on board during this Screwpile!  Crew members were Barney Hathaway and Lester Griffith.  Find out more about U.S. Patriot Sailing and how you can help: U.S. Patriot Sailing

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Tim Flaherty Screwpile 2018 Photos

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