Class Award Bonus: “Screwpiles: The Forgotten Lighthouses”

As part of the 25th anniversary of the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge, a special bonus award will be presented to each class winner.  Each class winner will receive a copy of the Suffolk River Heritage Foundation’s latest book, “Screwpiles: The Forgotten Lighthouses.”  As the publisher states, this 200-plus-page hardcover book is a pictorial history on our namesake lighthouses in Southeastern Virginia, Northeastern North Carolina, and Southern Maryland. The book combines archival plans and photos, original art and photography, stories pulled from lightkeepers’ logs and journals, and from contemporary interviews with the people still connected to the lights. The authors weave these together to tell the story of how these lights came to be, their role in early American history and navigation, and the people who manned them and are still influenced by them today.

Larry Saint and Karla Smith (Chair of the Suffolk River Heritage), co-authors of the book, will be present at the Screwpile party tent, so look for them.

For more information and to purchase the book check:

Suffolk River Heritage

Or Read this article by Alex Perry of the Suffolk News-Herald:

Suffolk News Herald: Shining a light on forgotten screwpiles