Loss of One of our Best

Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge has lost one of its most important family members.  Herb Reese passed away Thursday, February 15th, 2018.

Herb has been a key member of the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge since its inception.  He is the one person who coordinated and was responsible for the Race Committee equipment and the assignments of race committee personnel.  Every morning of Screwpile, he was the first person race committee members saw, and he was the last one to leave the shed at the end of the day.  He was who we all went to when an equipment problem needed to be solved or a race committee staffing issue needed help.

Many of us have known Herb outside of Screwpile and have called him our friend. He raced for many years before becoming our Screwpile equipment handler.  When hurricanes hit, he was there with his construction crew taking care of damage for fellow sailors, both at the marinas and at their homes.  Southern Maryland Sailing Association has relied on him for many events, he was instrumental in getting us into our clubhouse on Solomon’s Island.  We all have our individual stories about life with Herb.  And many of us know of his stories he would tell while drinking a rum beverage or three.  We will all miss his wonderful sense of humor, and his extraordinary contributions to our local sailing/racing scene.

So, raise a glass of Mount Gay rum to Herbert Ray Reese!  Smooth sailing, my friend.  You will be missed more than we can ever say.