PHRF A Class Splits Modified

2018 Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge Regatta

13 July 2018

In consideration of the entries received in the PHRF A classes and in an effort to promote and encourage more competitive racing in the 2018 Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge Regatta, we have elected to split the PHRF A (as per our PHRF Chesapeake Bay 3SE) into three (3) equitable classes.

Our intention for the 2018 SPLC PHRF A class splits is as follows:

  • A(1): PHRF ratings <= 40
  • A(2): PHRF ratings between 41 and 70
  • A(3): PHRF ratings between 71 and 109

This is an even split of our current PHRF A registrations as of the cut-off for late entries.

For class flags we will amend the Sailing Instructions and intend to use the following flags:

  • A(1): #1 pennant
  • A(2): #9 pennant
  • A(3): #2 pennant

SPLC Race Committee
1200 13 July 2018