SpinSheet Takes Over Friday Night in 2017

SpinSheet is excited to, once again, be a sponsor of the Screwpile Lighthouse Regatta in 2017!  This year, Friday night will be SpinSheet Night at the tent.  It will be a night to play some cornhole, win a free T-shirt, stage a photo with the crew, and play a game to win something great!  Stay tuned for more details about the fun to come!

SpinSheet is the Official Media Sponsor of the 2017 Screwpile Lighthouse Regatta.  They will provide on-the-water photography Friday and Saturday with all photos posted online at spinsheet.com/screwpile  after the event for competitors to purchase at very low rates.

SpinSheet will also be providing the current charts and the daily regatta information on the special spinsheet.com/screwpile website location. There will be a special preview in the July issue of Spinsheet and a wrap-up in August.

One of the reasons why the Screwpile Lighthouse Regatta is one of the best on the Bay is because the great support of Spinsheet!  We love having SpinSheet as part of the Screwpile Family!