HOTEL ALERT! (Updated July 6th)

Screwpile racers will be happy to know that the Solomons Inn Resort & Marina (ex-Holiday Inn), once the regatta’s go-to residence for countless Screwpile crews, is back in business after a year’s closure.  The new owners have been racing the clock after having committed to having the hotel open for Screwpile race crews by July 15th. Discounted rooms, an open pool, and continental breakfast will be ready in time for Screwpile.

The hotel’s manager is finishing up the reservation process, and for now, is taking reservations directly at her phone.  Until the new reservation process is established, call the Hotel Manager directly at (443) 421-0662 and ask for the Screwpile discounted rate of $149 per night.

Three days of racing on two courses… One design and PHRF on windward/leeward circle and government marks middle-distance for CRCA Cruisers.  In addition, Screwpile will host the PHRF of the Chesapeake Northern Bay Championships again this year. 

There’s still plenty of time to register. You can do so at the Screwpile Yacht Scoring page at

Current Chairman of the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge Regatta